Debt Recovery

Cash flow affecting how you do business?

Do you spend valuable time chasing debtors that you could be used gaining new business?

All businesses experience cash flow problems at some stage and often don’t have the time or resources to actively pursue debts, instead debts simply get written off effecting a businesses bottom line.

At OMB Solicitors, we offer businesses, from sole traders and family companies to large corporations, tailored debt recovery options, which aim to take the hassle out of chasing debt.

Unlike debt collection agencies, we understand whilst your customer may be a debtor today, tomorrow they may be a valued customer and as such it is essential all Debt Recovery matters are dealt with in a professional and efficient manner, whilst still maintaining a strong approach to obtain results.

If your business is or has experienced cash flow issues contact one of our Debt Recovery and Litigation Solicitors to discuss how we can assist your business and tailor a solution which is right for you. 

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