Government Litigation

Government and State Entities

OMB’s dedicated Government Department / State Entity Team have the skills and expertise to handle your entities legal needs. We work closely with Councils and government entities, and appreciate the importance of balancing competing priorities.

For over 20 years OMB has provided legal services to the second largest local council in Australia, the Gold Coast City Council and is on panels for smaller entities, such as Scenic Rim Regional Council. OMB is also a pre-qualified provider of legal services for the Local Government Association of Queensland under their Local Buy arrangement, ensuring probity, risk reduction and confidence.

OMB has the experience and knowledge to take a big firm approach but does so at a small regional firm price. Approachability and responsiveness are key service criteria for OMB – we understand the importance of your organisation speaking to an experienced Senior Solicitor as soon as a problem arises.

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Litigation News

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