Structuring Advice

Often the most important decision is not what to buy, not what to lease, not what to mortgage but what entity you should put it in.

Before you enter into any agreement you should STOP and think about your structure, take advice and then proceed.

We always recommend structuring advice should be considered with your Solicitor and your Accountant so that both tax and asset protection issues can be addressed.

Whether you contract as an individual, a partnership or other entity, detailed advice must first be obtained.

Simple structuring could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars or protect you from financial ruin.

Did you know that if you hold an investment property for longer than 12 months for a company there is no capital gains tax advantage but for an individual or trust up to 50% of your capital gain could be tax free.  Wow!  Do the numbers.

OMB Solicitors Senior Partner Simon Bennett and his team can give you effective structuring advice.

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