Work Accident Claims


Have you been hurt at work and need time off as well as medical treatment? We can help.

Claims arising from accidents at work comprise a two stage process:

Statutory Claims

In most instances, your employer will assist in commencing the Statutory Claim and WorkCover Queensland will coordinate your lost wages and medical assistance. 

However, in some circumstances WorkCover will reject your claim, or you may require legal assistance during your claim. We can argue for your claim to be accepted and make sure that at the end of the Statutory Claim, if you have any permanent impairment, that arrangements can be made for you to be assessed by WorkCover which may then lead to a lump sum payment by WorkCover.

Common Law Claims

However, in instances where your injury is serious, and has left you with a significant permanent impairment, has caused you time off work, will cause you difficulty in keeping your work, or getting new work in the future, a Common Law Claim is recommended.  We can assist you in the claim to ensure that you maximise your prosects of obtaining compensation. 

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