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Our Body Corporate Team are here to help you with your Body Corporate matters

In this video, Body Corporate Partner Juliette Nairn introduces our Body Corporate team and talks about how we can help.

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Welcome, my name is Juliette Nairn, and I’m a partner with OMB Solicitors. Today, I wanted to welcome and introduce you to the team that I am responsible for being the body corporate team at OMB Solicitors.

It may be that as a body corporate committee member, you may not have used a solicitor or been introduced to a law firm before and so today, I wanted to use this time to welcome you into OMB Solicitors, to introduce to you what we do within the body corporate team at OMB Solicitors, and to also introduce you to the main players within our body corporate team.

As the partner responsible for body corporate, I spend a lot of my time at committee meetings and general meetings. This requires me to spend a lot of time one on one with committee members, which may be on an informal basis, being an informal meeting at the building, it may be at a formal committee meeting at the body corporate manager’s office, or it might be by way of a telephone conference.

The reason why I spend a lot of time at committee and general meetings is because we want to make legal services accessible as possible to the body corporate committees, and we at OMB Solicitors act exclusively for bodies corporate.

As for those committee meetings, it might be the first introduction with a solicitor or a law firm, and it might be a range of issues that you would like to discuss with the solicitor.

So, we might talk about the finances of the body corporate, the levy recovery, which is the lifeblood of the body corporate, repair and maintenance issues, maybe we have lot owners who aren’t abiding by bylaws, there might be some caretaking issues there might be an assignment of management rights.

There could be a range of day to day body corporate issues which your committee would like to have a discussion with a solicitor to work through either some legal solutions or some practicalities.

As part of that, because I am at quite a few committee and general meetings, I also have Diana Knight, who’s a paralegal and she assists me. Diana Knight has a lot of extensive knowledge with respect to CMS’s, contribution schedule of lot entitlements, bylaws, and can assist any committee member or lot owner with respect to day to day procedures of a body cooperative.

When Diana does her work at OMB Solicitors, she and I keep in constant contact and in addition to that, I also deal and have constant contact with Tom Robinson, who’s an associate with OMB Solicitors.

Tom Robinson, with his paralegal, Annaka Faulkner, deals with a lot of general body corporate questions, he attends a lot of committee meetings, he discusses in significant detail caretaking issues, onsite management, variations to caretaking agreements, and with those issues, sometimes it requires us to attend a body corporate building, or if you’re all spread out through the state, we’re very happy to do all of those conferences by way of telephone conference as well.

What makes us different at OMB Solicitors is because we act exclusively for bodies corporate, we like to make sure that you get to have that meet and greet with us so that you understand our role within your body corporate.

As part of doing the meet and greet, we like to offer to our committees a no fee consultation so that you feel free to contact us and have a discussion with us about a range of body corporate issues without feeling a pressure of maybe receiving an invoice or a bill at the end of it.

In addition to what we do at OMB Solicitors, we have two other key team members who are responsible for our levy recovery work, Suzy and Sydney, whom a lot of your individual lot owners may have dealt with, assist the lot owners to understand why body corporate levies are the lifeblood to a body corporate, and why there’s a responsibility on an individual lot owner to pay those levies on a regular basis.

So with that extent of our body corporate team, we also have Elisha, who is a second year solicitor with us at OMB Solicitors, and she is a body corporate solicitor, as well as has expertise in dispute resolution, which she does with Cameron Marshall, who’s our senior litigator within OMB Solicitors.

At OMB Solicitors, we do have a range of people that you can talk to across a wide variety of issues to talk about anything to do with body corporate. So, don’t hesitate to contact us, pick up the phone and give us a phone call, feel free to come in and see us, and hopefully, we can help you and provide you with some guidance to answer all your body corporate inquiries.

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