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Its just a simple agreement right?
Articles | Family Law

It Just A Simple Agreement: Financial Agreement “I just want a Financial Agreement, it’s just a simple one to say that we will each keep our own assets”. If I...

New Year – New Family Law Act?
Articles | Family Law

What does the Family Law Amendment Bill 2023 mean for Family Law in Australia? In late January 2023 the Family Law Amendment Bill was released by the Attorney-General’s Department, sparking...

Divorce Month: Why is January the “D” Month?
Articles | Family Law

Why Is January The “D” Month?: Divorce Month Statistically and practically, for family lawyers, January every year sees an influx of inquiries from new clients seeking advice on their relationship...

Surviving the Holidays OMB Family Law’s Top 5 Tips for Christmas Holidays
Articles | Family Law

Top 5 Tips for Christmas Holidays to Surviving the Holidays by OMB Family Law’s The world will not end if the children do not see both parents on Christmas Day....

Pet Disputes – The Full Court says “put your money where your mouth is”
Articles | Family Law

Ownership Of A Pet In A Family Law Dispute Despite pet ownership being a hallmark of Australian life, it is not very common to see the Full Court of the...

What’s the worst that could happen – Mistakes in Family Law proceedings
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What Mistakes In Family Law Proceedings? Being involved in a Family Law dispute is stressful, emotionally taxing, and expensive. At all times, it is important that you follow the advice...


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Why is January “Divorce” Month?
Family Law | Podcasts

Many family lawyers colloquially refer to the month of January as Divorce Month, so it begs the question why. In this podcast, OMB Solicitors Partner and Accredited Family Law Specialist,...

How the Court Treats Pets in Family Law Disputes
Family Law | Podcasts

The number of pets, particularly dog ownership, has grown exponentially over the years and with it, the complexities of such ownership when it comes to family law disputes. In this podcast, Accredited Family Law Specialist Abbi Golightly explores this matter.

Can I Recover My Costs in Family Law Proceedings?
Family Law | Podcasts

In this podcast, OMB Solicitors, Family Lawyer, Gary Mallett answers the commonly asked question, as to whether costs can be recovered in family law matters. What is the General Rule...

What is a Family Report?
Family Law | Podcasts

In family law matters, you may have heard of the term, “family report,” but what is it and in what circumstances do they apply. In this podcast, Gary Mallett, our...

Do Grandparents Have Rights in Family Law Disputes?
Family Law | Podcasts

Know About Grandparents Rights in Family Law Disputes We know that family law disputes are often tumultuous with so many people, quite apart from the 2 spouses and children that...

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