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Family Law Court’s Merger – Important Things to Know
Articles | Family Law

Whilst the majority of the legal profession was and remains staunchly opposed to the merger of the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court, the reality is that it will be…

Every Dog has its Day – Dogs, Definitions and Decisions on Shared Care
Articles | Family Law

In 2021 Australia, pets are without doubt an integral part of the majority of families. With the decision to defer having children until later in life or not at all,…

From Fault to Fault-Free – Australia’s Non-fault Family Law System
Articles | Family Law

The focus of articles such as those in the Courier Mail regarding the separation of Wally and Jackie Lewis draw attention to factors which have long been replaced in the…

Helpful Holiday Hints for Separated Families
Articles | Family Law

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year….” Or so the Christmas song goes. But statistically, this is not always the case for families under stress. The period immediately preceding…

Why you need Independent Legal Advice on Binding Financial Agreements
Articles | Family Law

“I have a simple agreement, I just need it witnessed”. If I had a dollar for every time I had heard that in the years since Binding Financial Agreements became…

What is the Family Law PPP500 List?
Articles | Family Law

In response to concerns about delays in the Family Court system, particularly for matters with a small asset pool, the Federal Circuit Court has developed the Family Law Priority Property…


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Can I Recover My Costs in Family Law Proceedings?
Family Law | Podcasts

In this podcast, OMB Solicitors, Family Lawyer, Gary Mallett answers the commonly asked question, as to whether costs can be recovered in family law matters. What is the General Rule…

What is a Family Report?
Family Law | Podcasts

In family law matters, you may have heard of the term, “family report,” but what is it and in what circumstances do they apply. In this podcast, Gary Mallett, our…

Do Grandparents Have Rights in Family Law Disputes?
Family Law | Podcasts

We know that family law disputes are often tumultuous with so many people, quite apart from the 2 spouses and children that are caught in the crossfire. One such group,…

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