Heath Berghofer – Solicitor

Heath works mainly in the areas of Levy Recovery, Body Corporate Law and General Litigation.


Heath Berghofer – Solicitor

T: 07 5555 0000
E: [email protected]


Heath was admitted as a Solicitor in 2013 after obtaining a double degree of Business & Law from Queensland University of Technology.

Prior to starting with OMB Solicitors Heath worked in a number of practices in both NSW & QLD in the areas of general litigation, personal injury, family law & traffic law.

Since starting with OMB Solicitors, Heath has worked mainly in the areas of general litigation in recovery of outstanding debts, body corporate law and family law.

Heath does the court advocacy work for OMB Solicitors and appears in enforcement hearings, civil applications, traffic matters, direction hearings and settlement conferences.

Heath can assist with: 

  • Recovering money owed;
  • Defending a claim for money owed;
  • Achieving a commercial outcome in the recovery of outstanding debt.

Heath also works with the Body Corporate team and can assist with: 

  • Drafting of By-Laws;
  • Review of Building Contracts;
  • Providing advice to Bodies Corporate; and
  • Assisting and drafting Submissions on behalf of the Committee to obtain the appropriate decision from the Adjudicators office.
  • Admitted as a Solicitor in 2013
  • Bachelor Degree in Law and Business Marketing from Queensland University of Technology.
  • Currently undertaking a Masters degree with Queensland University of Technology.


Heath Berghofer

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