Commercial Law

Commercial Law is a body of law that governs business and corporate issues in both the public and private sector.

Most people associate Commercial Law with contracts, employment, franchising, partnerships, tax and much more, but there can be a crossover between Commercial and Property Law, particularly when dealing with commercial Leasing, Body Corporate matters or business Conveyancing.

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Our Property & Commercial Solicitors

Our Team has experience in all forms of both Property and Commercial Law.  Whether you require advice or assistance with general contracts, employment, distribution or consultancy agents these are all governed by the contractual principals which our experienced team can provide assistance with.

Loan agreements, mortgages, company securities and the Personal Property Security Register are some of the contractual documents we can help you with if you are either seeking advice or looking to secure a loan advance.

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Commercial Law News

See attached news articles by OMB for more information and recent developments in this area of law: