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At OMB Solicitors, our core values are dedication, commitment and quality service.


About OMB Solicitors

Our History

OMB Solicitors – where did it all begin?

It was 1968 and Paul V Scanlan, a Gold Coast local, opens his own legal practice in Southport employing 3 staff. The office was a small house called “Shepherd House” in Scarborough Street which was situated opposite the Southport Court House.

Paul was one of the Gold Coast’s leading criminal Solicitors, a Gold Coast local who gained a reputation for being able to get clients off criminal charges and became affectionately known as Paul “Loophole” Scanlan.  He had a great relationship with the local Judges which was built on many years of hanging out at their local, The Queens Hotel.

Over the years, the practice continued to play a pivotal role in assisting many Southport residents, not only in criminal law, but commercial/conveyancing and general law.

Fast forward a few years to 1977 and Peter Mahoney becomes Article Clerk to Paul Scanlan and in1979 Aidan O’Keefe joins the fast-growing firm and is offered partnership with Paul in 1981. The firm continues to be known as Paul V Scanlan.

By 1978 the practice had moved from Shepherd House in Scarborough Street to the Commonwealth Bank Building in Nerang Street, Southport.

In 1983 Paul Scanlan retires from the practice, Peter graduates from law and joins the partnership with Aidan and the firm becomes known as Scanlan O’Keefe & Mahoney.

During this time the practice continues to grow and, with the number of clients increasing together with the 1980’s market boom taking place, our once little firm required bigger premises. So, in 1986 Peter and Aidan purchased a block of land at 17 Suter Street, Southport and purpose built an office for us to move into.

It was at this time our firm became known as O’Keefe & Mahoney.

The building was occupied by two (2) businesses, a financial advisor leasing the front of the building and O’Keefe & Mahoney occupying the rear  of the building.  However, we soon outgrew our office space and eventually took over the whole building.

It was in 1996, when both Aidan and Peter took a chance on a 20 something year old Solicitor who was to come on board to assist Peter Mahoney with the ever-growing commercial part of the practice.  That Solicitor’s name was Simon Bennett, who at the time was working for another Gold Coast legal firm.

Simon was to play a pivotal role throughout the 2000’s in the ever-changing landscape of O’Keefe & Mahoney and was to shape our firm into what is today.  He wasn’t afraid of making changes and pushed hard for our firm to become the leading and most well-respected practice on the Gold Coast. Simon was rewarded for his work and was offered partnership in 1999 where O’Keefe Mahoney Bennett was born.

Since 1968, we have purpose built three (3) offices, with each new building becoming bigger than the last to accommodate the growing number of staff OMB now employs.

Today OMB employs over 50 staff with 6 Partners, 12 Solicitors and 29 support staff.

Our Methods

We believe in excellence, confidence and teamwork and are committed to the integration of technology and old fashioned personal service. Our dynamic and talented Gold Coast Solicitors provide a comprehensive range of legal services and expertise and strive for excellence in the end result, ensuring confidentiality and trust at all times.

Our Goals

We see OMB Solicitors as an example of efficient and effective legal services where value for money and personal service are provided to all our clients. Dedication, commitment and quality service are all essential qualities at OMB Solicitors.

Gold Coast Lawyers at OMB Solicitors has continued to provide its valued clientele with a wide range of professional legal services, including Family LawEstate LawLitigationCommercialProperty Law and Personal Injury Claims.

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