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Our Values

At OMB we don’t want you to just like our service,
like our solutions, like our people. We want you to love it.

When you trust us with your legal challenge, we know that it’s not just
about the best advice in the business. About getting results. It’s about
dealing with people that genuinely care. With people that love coming to
work every day because they are part of a team that values them.

This is the OMB experience.

A Law Firm People Love
Our Values
We Care - OMB Solicitor

OMB is a family. We show the same amazing care for our people, clients and communities.

We support each other to succeed both at work and in our personal lives. We love seeing our clients & our people happy, and we bring compassion, integrity and the best experience every time

Trust Logo

We believe in our team and we always have our clients and each others backs. Our work environment is a safe space to talk openly and give feedback.

We are open, honest and fiercely loyal to our brand and each other. Our clients know that by engaging with us they are in the best hands. Our people know that by joining us, they have joined a family for life

OMB is about solutions
We Own It - We Fix It

OMB is about solutions. No problem or situation is too big, or too challenging. When you come to us, you know you’re in safe hands and we will always get the job done.

We’ve got you covered.

We never shy away from our responsibilities or hand ball work to a colleague. We know that things are achieved better as a team than as an individual – so we aren’t afraid to step in and help. We know that communicating honestly and with urgency matters, as much to our clients as it does to our people.

Fun Activity at OMB Solicitors
Seriously Fun - OMB Solicitor

Not every law firm can be fun. But we are! No one works harder than the people of OMB so after our clients have received our exceptional service, we are not afraid to have some serious fun!

Prioritising happiness in our workplace ensures we can be the best version of ourselves everyday, for our colleagues and our clients

diana knight - Paralegal Body Corporate Law Gold Coast

Whatever the situation might be, OMB Solicitors are here providing solutions.

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