Mortgage & Other Securities

OMB Solicitors provide a range of advice regarding mortgage and other securities law on the Gold Coast.


Mortgage & Other Securities

Prior to signing any loan or mortgage documents you should be fully aware of the full details of the loan and your responsibilities under the loan.

If you are lending money to family or friends, you should ensure appropriate documentation is drawn up to protect your interests.

Gold Coast Lawyers at OMB Solicitors is here to provide you with sound and professional advice on any type of loan or mortgage.

Whether you are seeking advice on a loan or Personal Guarantee or looking to secure money that you have lent, we are able to advise and protect your interests through out this process. Loan documents can be very difficult and complicated and our experienced team can simplify the process so that you fully understand your rights and obligations.

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Whatever the situation might be, OMB Solicitors are here providing solutions.