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Changes for employers in FY22-23
Articles | Business Law | Superannuation

Things are changing for employers starting July 2022. The minimum wages under the National Minimum Wage and under most awards have increased.

What are the Risks of Becoming a Franchisee?
Articles | Business Law

Many people have a desire to start their own business, chasing the dream of independence, control of their own destiny and, hopefully, riches. But for many the risks associated with...

Your Business Your Dream
Articles | Business Law

Buying or selling a business can be a stressful time. Your business is often your dream and the motivation and income source for your family. But the process of buying...

What Happens to a Business in a Family Law Dispute?
Articles | Business Law | Family Law

Introduction In family law property settlement proceedings  all assets and liabilities of each party, (whether they are owned jointly or separately) are combined to form what is commonly known as...

What Happens When the Honeymoon is Over?
Articles | Business Law

As with most relationships when parties initially form that relationship be it personal or business the relationship is in what is often phrased “the honeymoon phase”...

The Importance of Open Communication within Body Corporate Committees
Articles | Body Corporate | Business Law

I always find it interesting when I attend a budget committee meeting and the committee expresses to me their disappointment ....


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What You Need to Know about Buying & Selling a Business
Business Law | Property Law | Videos

In this video, OMB Solicitors Partner and Accredited Property Law Specialist Simon Bennett talks about the complex nature of buying and selling businesses.

Buying A Business
Business Law | Property Law | Videos

Before undertaking Buying A Business we take a look at the complicated transactions and how we can help. In this video, Property Law Partner and Accredited Specialist (Property Law) Simon Bennett gives us...


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How Your Business Can Recover Debt if You Have Received a Court Judgement
Business Law | Podcasts

If you’re a business and you’re owed money and have received a court judgement to recover the debt, what are the next steps? In this podcast, Cameron Marshall, Business Lawyer...

What is the Best Business Structure for a Tradesman Wanting to Start their Own Business?
Business Law | Podcasts

If you’re a tradesman contemplating going out on your own, there’s probably a bunch of things going on in your mind, one which may be how do you legally set...

What You Need to Know Before You Sell Your Business
Business Law | Podcasts

For many business owners, they’ve dedicated years and years of blood, sweat, and tears into their enterprise, hoping that one day, all their efforts will pay off when they sell...

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