Buying a Residential Property on the Gold Coast

OMB Solicitors provide expert advice on Buying a Residential Property in Queensland.


Buying a residential property in Queensland

Whether you are buying a residential property for the first time or you’ve done it before, there is always a lot to consider before spending your hard-earned money.

Some of the most fundamental financial matters that must be taken into account are the amount required for a down payment; real estate trends in the community where you’re thinking of buying; options for buying, such as buying off the plan, buying at auction, or buying privately; financing options; and the overall cost of the property.

The latter includes payments for or associated with:

  • Applicable taxes
  • Valuation
  • Inspections
  • Agent fees
  • Legal fees
  • Conveyancing costs
  • Any applicable search fees, including the Title search
  • Bank or mortgage fees
  • Insurance
  • Moving costs and utility hookups
  • Smoke alarms and related safety equipment
  • Council rates
  • Body corporate fees (where applicable)
  • Routine maintenance

Of course, there are also legal concerns. When making an investment of this magnitude, it is essential to consult a qualified Gold Coast Solicitors to ensure you are not being taken advantage of in any way.

As seasoned professionals in this area, we help residential property buyers by:

  • Reviewing the sale contract before you sign
  • Reviewing disclosure documents
  • Providing advice on mortgage contracts
  • Conducting title searches and providing detailed explanations about the results
  • Addressing relevant tax concerns
  • Addressing relevant insurance concerns
  • Working with the seller’s solicitor to address any problems related to the transaction
  • Handling title transference and completion of the financial transaction on ‘settlement day’
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