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Family and Domestic Violence is unacceptable in any relationship. We understand however, that it can often be difficult to admit and recognise that you are in a domestically violent relationship and that it can be frightening and overwhelming to plan an exit to such a relationship, particularly where children are involved.

For these reasons, the staff at OMB Solicitors are sensitive to these matters and will work with you to minimise the stress and pressures you may feel and work closely with counsellors and psychologists where required. We also understand the private nature of these matters and will work discretely with you to ensure confidentiality.

What is Domestic Violence?

It is important to understand what Domestic Violence is, and after 17 September 2012, new legislation has issued expanding this definition so that it now includes the following:

  1. Injuries suffered or threats to harm;
  2. Damage to property or threats to damage property ;
  3. Intimidation or harassment such as stalking behaviour or repeated and excessive phone calls or text messages;
  4. Emotional or psychological abuse;
  5. Economical abuse;
  6. Threatening or coercive behaviour; and
  7. Any other conduct that aims to control or dominate the other party causing a fear for the safety or wellbeing of that person or that of someone else.

Domestic Violence will also have an effect in Parenting Matters, particularly where a child/ren may be at risk. Urgent applications to protect your and your child’s safety can be filed with the Family Court which will enable the Court to conduct further investigations that may assist the parties in determining a suitable outcome that limits the risk of harm to a child/ren and enables a functional relationship, where possible, between the child/ren and their parents.

If you are concerned about your safety or that of your child/ren or other person, you should contact the Queensland Police.

Similarly, if you are facing a Domestic Violence Application filed against you by your spouse, it is also imperative that you obtain independent legal advice in relation to your obligations and the options available to you. Whilst a Domestic Violence Order is not a criminal charge, a breach of such an Order can be and the penalties for a breach include imprisonment. It is therefore imperative that you obtain advice in this regard.

More About Domestic Violence:

For more information regarding Domestic Violence Orders, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively, make an appointment with our Family Lawyers Gold Coast to obtain comprehensive advice regarding domestic and family violence.

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