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Modern society and busy schedules mean many home owners don’t even know their neighbors names, as such discussions with your neighbor about issues with trees and dividing fences can be daunting for many people.

In 2011 the Queensland Government introduced the Neighbourhood Disputes Resolutions Act 2011 to provide guidance to home owners on how to deal with common Neighbourhood Disputes regarding trees and dividing fences.

The new legislation (which repeals the Dividing Fence Act 1991) provides a number of mechanisms to assist in resolving disputes including mediating issues and suitable ways of providing notice to your neighbour regarding of your concerns in an attempt to avoid disputes.

If you have a concern involving your property, your neighbour’s property or your neighbourhood, we would be pleased to provide advice on your options and point you in the right direction to help get your concerns sorted.

It is important to remember, the person who lives next to you may live beside you for years to come, so maintaining a working relationship whilst resolving neighbourhood disputes is essential.

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