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Enduring Power of Attorney: The Difference Between Appointing an Attorney ‘Severally’ Versus ‘Jointly’ in Queensland
Articles | Wills and Estates

When people come to plan out their affairs for the later stages of their life, they are generally encouraged to nominate an enduring power of attorney. This is a legal…

Can I Do a Video Will?
Articles | Wills and Estates

Smartphones have put a video camera in the pocket of nearly every person you see, with widespread and profound impacts for various sections of society, including security, surveillance and in…

The Importance of Sole Company Directors having a Will
Articles | Wills and Estates

As adults, most of us are probably aware that dying intestate (without a valid will) can complicate matters for our families and loved ones. But did you know that dying…

The Importance of an Up To Date Enduring Power Of Attorney
Articles | Wills and Estates

What happens if you are outside the country and you need someone to urgently act on your behalf, or are incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself? An Enduring…

Statutory Wills: Making A Will For Person Who Lacks Capacity
Articles | Wills and Estates

Let’s face it, as responsible adults there are certain things we simply have to do whether we like it or not. We have to work. We have to pay bills….

What Can I do if I Have Been Left Out of a Will?
Articles | Wills and Estates

If you have been excluded from a Will, it probably seems like a slap in the face. You may be feeling hurt and angry – especially if the person who…


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Thinking of Leaving Someone out of a Will? Think Again.
Videos | Wills and Estates

In this video, OMB Solicitors Partner Richard Dawson shares his experience handling difficult contested estate matters and what usually happens when you leave someone out of a Will.

What You Need to Know about Purchasing into a Retirement Village
Videos | Wills and Estates

In this video, OMB Solicitor Calum Ball shares insight about purchasing into a retirement village and the required process to get in.

Why You Need a Will Yesterday
Videos | Wills and Estates

In this video, Wills & Estates Solicitor Harley Wilkinson talks about the importance and benefits of having a Will in place.

What You Need to Know About the New Enduring Powers of Attorney Form
Videos | Wills and Estates

In this video, OMB Solicitors Partner, Richard Dawson talks about the new Enduring Powers of Attorney form and what you need to know about it.

What is Probate?
Videos | Wills and Estates

In this video, our Dakota Hallett explains some of the important things that you need to know about Probate.

Taking Care of Your Will and Other Important Documents During COVID-19
Videos | Wills and Estates

In this video, our Richard Dawson talks about how you can take your estate planning documents during COVID-19.


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The Ticking Time Bomb in Your Estate Plan
Podcasts | Wills and Estates

When it comes to estate planning, you might be surprised that often the biggest asset that you may leave behind might not be your property pool, but rather your superannuation….

What is an Executor and How Do I Choose One?
Podcasts | Wills and Estates

If you’re like many people when it comes to estate planning, you probably don’t give the attention that’s necessary in choosing who your executor will be but rather simply opting…

Why Simple Wills Rarely Work Anymore
Podcasts | Wills and Estates

The fabric of the traditional family unit has changed and continues to change! Once, Mum, Dad and the 3 kids, were locked into family bliss, or maybe not, but nevertheless…

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