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Going through separation but don’t want to resort to expensive litigation?


Family Law Mediation on the Gold Coast

People who have gone through a separation will be the first to tell you that the process is daunting, expensive, lengthy and exhausting. It is therefore important that no matter what your individual case involves, you do everything possible to try and resolve your matter without resorting to Litigation.

Mediation is a method of negotiating with the other party (on a confidential basis) and with the assistance of an independent, specialised third party.

Most mediators are barristers, senior family lawyers or retired judges that specialise in Family Law. They can also be persons such as social workers, or persons with a psychology background. They understand the importance of settling matters amicably with minimal expense and with minimal exposure to the stress and delays of Court proceedings.

Why Mediation?

The Court’s appreciate the benefits of mediation, and in most circumstances, if the parties have not already done so (or sometimes even where they already have), the Court will Order the parties to mediation before the matter progresses in the Court system.

Mediation is mandatory for Children’s Matters if you want to start Court Proceedings. It is not at this stage mandatory for Property Matters, although this may change in the future.

Family Mediation Costs

The costs of a mediator will vary depending on the complexity of your matter, the amount of preparation required, whether the matter proceeds for a half or full day and will also depend on the level of experience of the mediator. There are also government funded options that may be available to you.

At OMB Solicitors, we have mediation rooms available in-house and are able to conduct mediations at our Firm. This will eliminate the need to hire rooms on the day of mediation which in turn, save you costs.

More About Mediation:

For more information on Mediations, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively, make an appointment with our Family Lawyers Gold Coast to obtain comprehensive advice regarding Mediation options.

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