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Involvement in a motor vehicle accident is something we all drive to avoid. Motor vehicle accidents can not only cause serious injury to yourself or your passengers but from the moment of impact may also create unplanned and unwanted stress and costs. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, there are 3 important things to remember.

Motor vehicle accidents can be unnerving and unpleasant experiences for most people involved. We understand that following an accident, it is likely that you will suffer from shock amongst a number of other possible injuries. However, there are 3 simple tips you should try to follow if you find yourself involved in a motor vehicle accident.

  1. Record the details of the incident

One of the most important things you should do following a motor vehicle accident is to take notes, pictures or videos of what has occurred. This should include taking the contact details (name, number and address) of the other driver or drivers involved, as well as the number plate, make and model of the other vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident. It is important to record the location of the accident which can include noting any close by roads or buildings if you are not sure of the specific address. It may also be helpful to record the time of day and weather conditions. Another thing to consider is to take the name and number of any witnesses to the accident who could be contacted at a later time to give an account of what happened.

  1. See your doctor

Unfortunately, some motor vehicle accidents do require emergency transport to a hospital. If you suffer serious injury and require immediate transport for treatment, it can help if you are able to take note of the emergency services which attended and the hospital to which you are taken. If you do not need to attend the hospital immediately after a motor vehicle accident, it is still important that you to attend your GP or medical practitioner shortly after the accident or as soon as you begin to suffer pain or discomfort. When you attend a doctor, they will record the fact that you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and can begin to assess the injuries you may have suffered.

  1. Make a police report

We understand that following a motor vehicle accident, it is common for the drivers involved to exchange details and handle the incident without the involvement of the police. However, it is important that after the accident you go to your local police station and report what has occurred. Police reports are very useful and are required should you decide to make a claim for compensation. The Police will provide you with what is known as a ‘QP’ number and this number will be necessary when making a claim.

These 3 tips can provide you with some initial guidance as to what you should do if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. If your doctor advises that your injuries require ongoing treatment – whether significant treatment such as such as surgery, or more regular treatment such as physiotherapy – you may wish to consider making a claim for compensation to assist you with these costs. A claim for compensation can also help you recover lost wages, costs associated with care & assistance and also the costs associated with out of pocket expenses such as medications, travel and medical expenses .

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