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In this video, OMB Solicitors Partner and Accredited Specialist in Family Law, Abbi Golightly, talks about the importance of seeking legal advice after separation and how Our Gold Coast family lawyers can help.


Importance of Seeking Legal Advice after Separation

Hi, I’m Abbi Golightly, partner at OMB Solicitors and an accredited specialist in family law. Once you have separated, there is understandable reluctance in seeking legal advice.

However, obtaining legal advice early in your separation process will arm you with information that will assist you in getting clear strategies towards resolution, obtaining clear advice in relation to your rights and entitlements, and ultimately assisting you in bringing your matter to a conclusion sooner rather than later, with as little stress and inconvenience to you and your family.

Here at OMB Solicitors, we offer a free initial consultation designed to give you that preliminary information so that you can move towards resolution of your separation and family law dispute without further delay.

Contact us here at OMB Solicitors if you require any assistance in relation to your family law matters.

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