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In this video, OMB Solicitors Special Counsel, Jennie-Rae Goff, discusses the things you need to know about work injuries.


You Need to Know about Work Injuries

Good morning, it’s Jenny from OMB Solicitors with the litigation team. Just thought I’d chat this morning about workplace injuries and some of the ins and outs which might be of assistance.

Workplace injuries can sometimes be a bit baffling, you’re at work, something happens, you don’t know the next steps. So often just having someone to talk to and give you the ins and outs of what you need to do can sometimes be really helpful during that time.

Look, when you’re first injured at work, often there’s a lot of assistance and help provided you’re often directed to go see a doctor, sometimes a work based doctor, sometimes your own.

It’s really important when you go and see that doctor that you really get the doctor to help you, find out what you need. Get your doctor to fill out what is called a Workers Compensation Medical Certificate, sometimes people just get a usual medical certificate filled out. That’s not usually of great assistance to work cover.

So make sure you get your doctor to fill out the work cover medical certificate with all the details, including what happened, where it happened, and what your doctor thinks you need to help recover.

Once you have that document, you’re really set up to speak with work cover and get your claim progressing in the way you need it to progress so you can hopefully get better and get back to work as soon as possible. Of course, if you have any issues or it might be a bit complex, please feel free to call OMB Solicitors.

We can certainly help you through this process, give you some ideas, and answer any questions that may not be as clear to you as you’d like them to be.

Thereafter through the process, if there’s any questions you have along the way, again, we’re always here to help, and then as you move towards the end of your claim, when you may be offered an amount of money to finalise your claim, it’s always really good idea to get some advice before you accept any kind of payment.

Because there may be an avenue where you can seek what is known as a common law damages claim. That is, a claim where it’s not just a usual work accident, but there may be something in the way you were injured that was negligent and a negligent work practice where you may have an avenue to therefore make a work cover common law claim.

Again, it’s really important that you do seek some advice in that regard. If you accept a lump sum claim and you don’t maybe get some advice, it may stop you being able to make a work cover common law claim. So it’s really important that you always just seek that advice, whether or not you have a claim or not.

We’re more than happy to walk through that process with you and give you the right advice at that time, and one more really important thing to remember when you’re injured at work is there are always time limits to keep in mind.

So again, another very good reason to call OMB solicitors so you can get some advice on time limits. The most important time limit is three years. If you were injured at work and you perhaps have a claim, you have three years before your time limit expires.

If you don’t do anything in that time, you may always lose the right forever to make a claim. So it’s very important to come and see a lawyer, get an idea about your time limits and please remember, three years is your most important time limit.

There are, of course, some other time limits along the way for when you actually should lodge a work cover claim, there are some lesser limits. Initially, you have six months to file an application for work cover for your statutory claim.

It is ideal to get that claim in before that time, otherwise we have to jump over some more hurdles. So that’s a smaller time limit to be mindful of. But the big time limit is three years, that is the very important time limit.

So again, please contact OMB solicitors at any time, and we’re happy to go through these important features with.

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