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In this video, OMB Solicitors Partner and Accredited Specialist in Family Law Abbi Golightly discusses pets in family law, particularly what might happen after separation.


Hi, Abbi Golightly here from OMB Solicitors, family law partner and accredited specialist in family law and this is Winnie, the Chief Happiness Officer at OMB Solicitors.

If, like me, pets are a massive part of your family, you might be concerned about what’s to happen to them if you separate. In family law, pets are treated as property. That means that they cannot be a joint custody agreement or any form of parenting style arrangement for them.

That being said, pets can be the subject of a property settlement agreement such as joint possession, so that you can put in place arrangements so that you can each enjoy time with your furry family member.

If you have an issue in relation to the custody of your pets post-separation, please contact me at OMB Solicitors.

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