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In this video, OMB Solicitors Partner Richard Dawson shares his experience handling difficult contested estate matters and what usually happens when you leave someone out of a Will.


Hi, Richard Dawson here, partner of the estate team at OMB Solicitors. I just thought I’d reach out to you today to let you know that I’ve been involved in a couple of really big, difficult, contested estate matters of late.

The common denominator in these estates is that the will maker has left out important beneficiaries, and those disgruntled beneficiaries have brought claims on the estate, which have really affected the outcome of the person’s will.

In particular, it’ll do two things. One, it’ll split families apart, and secondly, it’ll cost a lot of money in legal fees for the estate to pay to resolve those contested estates.

So, my advice to you is before you think about leaving somebody out of your will, come and see me, I’ll give you specialist advice, and hopefully, we can avoid acrimonious family dispute when you pass away. So, let’s avoid that, come and see me and happy to help you out.

Thanks very much.

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