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OMB Family Law Partner, Abbi Golightly, is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law and has been since 2009.

So, what does that really mean for you, our clients?

The Queensland Law Society developed a process of assessment and accreditation in the main areas of practice in Queensland, including Family Law.  The QLS operate the Specialist Accreditation Scheme as a method by which to identify those members of the Queensland Law Society who have demonstrated a high level of expertise in a particular area of law.

In order to achieve Accredited Specialist status, there are a number of requirements that have to be satisfied to the highest level.  First and foremost, the lawyer has to have been practising almost exclusively within the relevant area of law for at least five years.  Thereafter they must pass the stringent assessment program offered by the QLS.

This assessment process involves interviews, exams and submitting examples of work and in order to pass, each discipline must be passed.

Once achieved, Accredited Specialist status is maintained by undertaking a higher level of professional development every year in order to maintain a level of knowledge that is expected of a specialist.

You can identify an Accredited Specialist by the QLS logo that can only be used with the approval of the QLS.

Here at OMB Solicitors

Here at OMB Solicitors, you can see that logo on our website and in our email signatures.

Why does having an Accredit Specialist matter in family law?  Family Law is one of the most complex areas of law.  It involves traversing many legal disciplines but also involves a skill set of empathy, understanding, compassion, negotiation skills , family law mediation and arbitration.

When you see the Accredited Specialist symbol, you can be confident that your Family lawyers has a skill set that will be applied to help you achieve the best outcome possible in the circumstances.  It also means that that skill set is passed on to other members of our family law team, who will be trained by the best in the business also.

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