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Going through a marriage or relationship break-up, especially one involving children can be one of the most distressing times in a person’s life. It is pertinent at this time to seek the guidance and experience of a qualified lawyer in order to help you understand your legal rights and obligations.

Family Law is a complex area and is dependant on the circumstances of each particular case and the people involved, which is why it is important to obtain advice as to what legal action is involved, or what alternatives may be available to you in order to avoid the need for Court. Where children are involved, we seek to minimise the impact on them and provide the best outcome for you and your family.

To obtain preliminary advice concerning your rights and entitlements, we recommend that you contact our Family Lawyers Gold Coast.

Initial Client Consultation

Gold Coast Lawyers at OMB Solicitors, we offer an initial half-hour free consultation with an experienced family law practitioner, where we will speak with you generally about your matter, advise how we can assist, the procedure involved, if possible the likely outcome, and providing an estimate of costs for various stages.

We then offer a full untimed family law consultation for $400 plus GST, where we attempt to obtain all of the information that we require to provide you with an initial letter of advice, and a letter to the other party setting out your version of the facts of the relationship, financial and non-financial contributions, inheritances, children’s matters and both parties future needs (and any other relevant information).

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For more information on making an enquiry with our lawyer, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. Upon booking an initial consultation with our Gold Coast family lawyers, we will email you a consultation information sheet for your completion and return prior to your appointment.

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Family Law, Stay Alert, read, watch and listen.


Obtaining a Divorce officially ends a marriage. You can apply for a At OMB Solicitors, we charge a fixed fee for a Divorce.

Our fixed fee includes preparing and filing the Divorce, arranging for service of your Application on your spouse, attending the Divorce Hearing and any other interim steps required to be undertaken to finalise your Divorce….


If you are thinking about separating or have already separated, it is important that you obtain legal advice in relation to your Property Matters.

You do not need to be divorced to negotiate and finalise your Property Settlement Matters and as such, we recommend that you get legal advice early on.


It is often the case that upon separation, parties reach an agreement as to the division of their assets, either verbally or in a form that is not legally binding.

It is important that upon separation occurring that any agreement that has been reached between the parties is properly documented. If your agreement is not documented properly, your assets may not be adequately protected and remain at risk….


Separation is a difficult time and when children are involved, care must be taken to minimise the impact and stress that children feel as a result of a family breakdown.

We aim to provide you and your family with options and solutions in order to assist you in reaching an agreement. Where an agreement cannot be reached we will represent you through your legal action if Court intervention is required.


In March 2009, legislation was passed which recognised that Property Matters between de facto couples was able to be dealt with under the Family Law Act in much the same way as Property Matters between married couples..

This is so regardless of whether you are in a heterosexual relationship, or a same sex relationship…..


People who have gone through a separation will be the first to tell you that the process is daunting, expensive, lengthy and exhausting.

It is therefore important that no matter what your individual case involves, you do everything possible to try and resolve your matter without resorting to Litigation.


Family and Domestic Violence is unacceptable in any relationship.

We understand however, that it can often be difficult to admit and recognise that you are in a domestically violent relationship and that it can be frightening and overwhelming to plan an exit to such a relationship, particularly where children are involved.


Thinking of separating? Have you already separated and are not sure what to do now?

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