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How our Litigation Team can help you with Leasing, Contractual, Building, Body Corporate, Product Liability, Property, Trusts & Estate Litigation Disputes

In this video, Litigation and Dispute Resolution Senior Solicitor Cameron Marshall explains how we can help you with matters regarding Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

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Hello, I’m Cameron Marshall, I work at OMB Solicitors, OMB Solicitors is a Gold Coast Solicitor firm that’s been on the coast for a long time, very experienced in a lot of areas.

I personally work in the commercial litigation area, and I’m here just to talk to you about what I do and the people that work with me and how we can help you if you need our services. So if you find yourself in a need of a solicitor concerning the trade and commerce space and dealing with the dispute, we can help you.

Some of the things we might do here are leasing disputes, contractual disputes over the purchase or sale of land when they go wrong, which happens quite often, building disputes concerning defects or payment of monies that might be owing to a contractor or a subcontractor, body corporate disputes.

But not only those type of areas, we can also help you with where product supplied are defective, we can help you with encroachment disputes in land where your property may encroach upon another property or vice versa, if someone else’s property is encroaching on your property and you want rectification.

We can help you with correcting your rights in respect to an interest in a land under trust law. But we also can help you in estate litigation as well, which is an area which I sometimes assist Richard Dawson, the partner of this firm, in as well.

The court space that OMB and myself find ourselves often practicing in are basically all courts. We operate in QCAP, which is the Queensland Tribunal, NCAP, New South Wales version of QCAP, Local court in New South Wales and the Magistrate’s court in Queensland, the District court in both New South Wales and Queensland, Supreme court, New South Wales and Queensland, as well as Federal court and Federal Circuit court.

So basically, OMB solicitors, because we’re close to the border, can deal with disputes in both Queensland and New South Wales. I work at OMB Solicitors as Senior Associate of the Litigation Team, I work under the supervision and instruction of Juliette Nairn, I also work closely with Elisha Hodgson, who’s a solicitor that works in the space as well.

Corinne Cavanough is our paralegal who assists us in carrying out the work for you. So in short, if you find yourself needing to enforce your rights, or if your on the receiving end of a statement of claim that may have been served on you and you need some legal advice, feel free to give us a call. You can speak to me, you can speak to Juliette, or any one of our team, and we’re happy to help.

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