Juliette Nairn –  Partner

Juliette is a member of SCA (QLD) and actively supports your Body Corporate industry. Juliette works exclusively for Bodies Corporate in a range of Transactional and Litigation matters.

Juliette Nairn – Partner

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Juliette was admitted as a Solicitor in 1993 after obtaining an Honours Degree in Law from Bond University.

Since 1997 Juliette has worked almost exclusively for bodies corporate in a range of transactional and Litigation matters.

In acting on behalf of bodies corporate, Juliette is able to assist your committee to deal with all legal issues that arise in the every day running of a body corporate. The types of matters Juliette deals with each day include levy recovery, assignment of management rights, providing advice on deeds of variation and complex caretaking and letting disputes.

In addition to this, since Juliette understands every body corporate is unique with its own multi-dimensional issues, she is able to provide long-term practical legal advice and has an exceptional track record in providing advice to ensure the best possible outcome for your committee.

Juliette works exclusively for Bodies Corporate.

Consequently, her depth of expertise in this area is extensive and not compromised by acting for all stakeholders involved in a Body Corporate.

Juliette can help protect Bodies Corporate with respect to:
  • Part-management rights.
  • Assignments.
  • Variations.
  • Management rights advice.

Assisting the Committee in its communication with individual lot owners to ensure that the “Committee” is not the silent voice. The silent but educated voice within it’s Body Corporate.

Levy Recoveries:
  • Advice.
  • Recovery of outstanding levies.
Adjudicator’s decisions/Commissioners office:
  • Providing advice to Bodies Corporate.
  • Assisting and drafting Submissions on behalf of the Committee to obtain the appropriate decision from the Adjudicators office.

BUGTA and other Legislations:

Despite the fact that the BCCMA is the most widely known of the legislation affecting Bodies Corporate, Juliette has extensive experience in dealing with BUGTA (Building Units and Group Titles Act) and it’s associated legislation ( integrated resort development act and mixed use development act) to provide appropriate solutions for strata schemes still managed under the BUGTA procedures.

Boundary Title and matters:

  • Where is the boundary between the lot and common property?
  • Does your Body Corporate need new survey plans.
  • We can assist your Body Corporate to become more cost-effective and economic in the future by a survey of its buildings.
  • Does it need to revive itself by review of its by-laws.
  • Drafting a new CMS and drafting by-laws that are appropriate to your Body Corporate.
  • Admitted as a Solicitor in 1993.
  • Honors Degree in Law from Bond University.
  • Since the end of 1996 (prior to the introduction of the “new“ legislation in 1997) started working almost exclusively for Bodies Corporate.

Background as a Litigator but with an emphasis on dispute resolution. This assists in the results in which Juliette can achieve on behalf of a Body Corporate through conciliation and mediation without the matter needing to proceed to either

  • Adjudication or a Tribunal hearing.

Has significant experience in identifying key issues (whether they are legal, practical matters) on behalf of a Body Corporate Committee at its Committee meeting.

  • Member of SCA Queensland (and actively supports the Body Corporate industry by internal trading and presentations, attendance at the SCA (community) conference and a meeting with industries stakeholders.
  • Queensland Law Society


Juliette Nairn

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